Hey there! I’m a creative UX designer based in beautiful Seattle, WA.

Selected Projects

  • Amazon CSBA Insights Dashboard

    I worked with stakeholders to design and launch the first dashboard, giving sellers visibility into the customer service handled on their behalf.

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  • Amazon AMC Activity Tracker

    I worked with stakeholders to redesign the activity tracker of Account Management Central, making AMs more productive in their day.

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  • Finder Keeper App

    I created an app to better leverage technology to aid users making and maintaining connections during covid-19 social distancing.

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  • ABetterBike.com Mobile-Web Redesign

    I redesigned the mobile-web shopping experience for abetterbike.com to increase conversion rates, shopper satisfaction and decrease abandoned shopping carts.

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  • Flock Shop Group-Buying

    I worked with a start-up to reimagine the home page, product page and group-buying flow for their soon to launch mobile website.

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